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“Loss of Consortium”: Damages Recoverable For Personal Injury to Your Spouse

Serious injuries don’t only have an impact on the person who is injured. Their loved ones’ lives can be turned upside down by the financial, practical, and emotional burdens of caring for the injured person. For spouses of the injured, these challenges can be compounded by the loss of the relationship they once knew with the person they love. Many injuries can cause long-term physical and psychological damage that can deprive a spouse of the love, affection, companionship, and assistance that was a core...

Recent Accidents Focus Attention on Dangers of Inflatable “Bounce Houses”

At block parties, street festivals, fairs, barbecues, and almost any summer event in Indiana where large numbers of kids are in attendance, the inflatable – or “bounce house” or “moonwalk” as some call it -- has become as much of a staple as juice boxes and balloons. But, as recent stories in the news make clear, these sources of fun and laughter can also lead to serious injuries. (more…)

Four Steps You Can Take to Help Your Personal Injury Case

When you hire a lawyer to represent you in your personal injury case, you are counting on him or her to use their skills, knowledge, and insight to handle your matter in a way that gives you the best chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve. While you are right to expect this from your lawyer, there are in fact things that you can do to help them do the job you’ve hired them to do. Read More

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Brain Injuries and Other Damage From Forceps Deliveries

For decades, doctors have used forceps to assist them during challenging deliveries. A forceps delivery will typically be considered if the physician is having a difficult time reaching the baby’s head or the mother is exhausted and cannot effectively push the baby out. However, a number of conditions must exist in order for forceps to be safely used, including the cervix being fully dilated, the baby’s head is fully engaged in the pelvis, and the second stage of labor has commenced.

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